About us


The architecture of pet wellness & happiness. 

Established in 2015. Pet Architects is the first designer pet furniture store in Singapore & Japan.

Curating the finest purrs & woofs worthy pet furniture, teepees, tents, beds & items from Japan and around the globe to enhance pet wellness and create fun-filled moments for our precious furkids. 

Pet Architects is the brainchild of an animal lover who is proud to be a sane & very passionate cat lady. She was a proud parent of 8 rescued felines and her childhood memories were filled with lots of animal love at home - dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, terrapins, fishes and the list goes on. From the sunny tropical island - Singapore, she is currently based in pet heaven - Japan with her two precious feline minions, Pumpkin & Bambi. Yes, they flew here with her. ( = ^ . ^ = )

Paws ready for our upcoming in-house pet furniture/architecture exclusively designed by our Japanese team. 

We ship worldwide from Singapore/Japan.

+ Part of our proceeds will be donated to support animal rescue work in Singapore, Japan and around the world. 

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